group lessons

group lessons

8 surfers max / group
Adults, kids from 8 years / all levels
prices include equipment (surfboard, wetsuit) and insurance

DISCOVERY SESSION : Alone, with friends, with family, this is the ideal course for a first discovery of the activity for those who have never surfed. Introductory courses take place every day throughout the season. Discovery of the ocean environment, acquisition of the technical bases of catching waves and recovering on your board. First feeling of sliding. Pleasure, conviviality and safety are the key words

SURFING COURSES : the best for those looking to acquire or improve the technical basics and knowledge of the ocean, and then be able to start free surfing by renting equipment at school.

Courses start every day in low season (April to June/September)  In July and August, courses start every Monday and end on Friday  Pedagogy being at the heart of our teaching, groups are organized by age group and technical level. Each surfer starts at the same level in the group and progresses evenly, making it possible to meet the expectations of each surfer.

  • AGES: each age has its own pedagogy, which is why we offer 4 age groups: 8-10 years / 11-14 years / 15-17 years / adults


  • LEVELS: For better group progress, groups are organized by levels of practice. 3 different levels:

-beginner: for those who have never surfed or just an introductory session. Discovery of the ocean and its particularities, learning the technical basics: catching waves/foam, standing up on the board, maintaining balance, taking directions

- intermediate: 1 to 2 weeks of lessons in a surf school, and/or practice in free surfing. Refresher and consolidation of technical bases at the start of the course, deepening knowledge of the ocean environment, optimizing surfing time on the wave, taking directions and trajectories

- advanced: at least 3 weeks of school lessons, and/or free surfing. Progression based on analysis and choice of spot, technical improvement, first unbrooken waves (green wave)

 SAFETY: At the heart of our teaching, lessons take place in secure practice areas where surfers can stand. You surf close to the shore, and surf on the reforms (foam) for beginners and intermediate levels  / small waves for intermediate to advanced levels


1 lesson 35€
3 lessons 100€
5 lessons 150€
8 lessons 235€
10 lessons 280€